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About Me

Welcome! I am a Researcher (Dec. 2022 - present) in the AI Framework & Data Tech. Lab, Huawei Hong Kong Research Center. Before I joined Huawei, I earned my Ph.D. degree in September 2022 at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), The University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Prof. Ngai Wong and Prof. Graziano Chesi. Prior to that, I received my B.S. degree in the School of Mathematics and Statistics from Wuhan University in June 2018.


GTN-F: A General Tensor-Native Format Representation of Multimodal Data

GTN: A General Tensor-Native Data Processing Framework




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  1. I value all my life moments, whether good or bad, depressing or joyful. I am big fan of journaling, and it is a habit I have maintained since I was in elementary school.
  2. I am a BIG fan of the movie series The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, which set in the fictional world of Middle-earth. In particular, Aragorn is my favorite role, brave, tenacity, and loyal to friends.
  3. My leisure time is mainly spent on Kindle, Switch and working out. My favorite books so far are Ordinary World, and A Song of Ice and Fire.
    For switch, Spiritfarer is the most touching game I have ever played, which is related to hospice care. My favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I like the feeling to take adventure on the mainland of Hyrule with my shining Master Sword and Master Cycle Zero.
    To maintain good physical and mental health, I do exercise regularly like hiking, and boxing, etc. I took this photo when hiking Victoria Peak in May 2020.
  4. I do not think I am a very talented researcher, but certain that I am a down-to-earth and a hardworking one :P.

The Chinese version of my CV can be downloaded here.

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